Blitz Systems is a New York City-based technology consulting firm with specialty practices ranging from computer network infrastructure support to software development for investment banking. Looking to locate an office in the financial center of the west coast to serve current and prospective clients, we looked naturally to San Francisco.

Speaking of looking—these days we naturally look to the Internet for information. Maybe it’s just us, but I don’t think so. A quick search in late April 1999 for commercial real estate brokers yielded a surprisingly small universe. There were some big players (too big!), some confusing and seemingly smaller outfits, and one seemingly very Internet-aware company—

I posted an inquiry and received a very quick response by phone. Dan called me, we discussed the plans Blitz had for establishing a San Francisco operation, and in several days we had developed a good basic understanding of our options. Our CEO and facility manager flew out to San Francisco in the next week or so, looked at the primary contending office and two others, and selected our current site at 601 California Street. We took possession of the space in mid-June.

The existence and ease of use of the Internet site, coupled with the personal service thereafter, showed that Dan’s operation works very well for companies like Blitz—dynamic, growing, and working on Internet time. Dan’s been a pleasure to deal with and he delivered just what we sought.

J. Henry Haggerty
Blitz Systems, Inc.

Regarding: New office location at 601 California Street 

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