Dear Dan: Remember the theme song from the sitcom “The Jefferson’s”? It went something like “We’re movin’ on up…to the East Side…to a deluxe apartment in the sky…” Well, that is our theme song for this year, because thanks to your help, and all your hard work on our behalf, CCCS and BALANCE are movin’ on up—to a beautiful new office on the 15th and 16th floors of 595 Market. We are so excited about our new location—you were able to find us a space that has an interconnecting staircase between the two floors, helping us unite our two organizations, while still keeping our separate identities—not an easy task! Because of your knowledge of the San Francisco commercial real estate marketplace, you were able to help us negotiate the deal of a lifetime—Class A space, with a great tenant improvement allowance, and a rental rate that is better than we ever dreamed! You were an invaluable help during the lease negotiation and signing phase, finding items in the lease that even our attorney missed. You have helped us through the entire process, even helping us find an architect firm and a contractor—who have done an amazing job, with few—if any—delays or problems. Just as you promised, you were there to help us with more than merely locating the space—but our partner through every stage of the process. Hopefully you’ll be around to help us in seven years when our lease expires. Thanks again, Dan, for all your help! Sincerely,

Joanne Budde


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