On behalf of Dillingham & Murphy, and myself personally, I want to convey our (and my personal) sincere appreciation for your continuing outstanding work as our broker in connection with our new offices at 601 Montgomery Street. Following months of hard and frequently quite frustrating effort, we have finally moved in and are enjoying the fruits of your labor. In a deal that demanded your patience as well as your dedicated professionalism, your performance was exemplary. Not only will we be happy to recommend your services to any firm looking for new office space or to renegotiate existing lease arrangements, but we also will continue our relationship with you as “our broker .”

In a market that was anything but tenant-friendly, you were able to spot and negotiate a deal that was, in my view, substantially under the prevailing market rates. I can state without reservation that you protected our interests first and foremost at every stage of this process. As lawyers that is what we hope to do for our clients, and you certainly set a standard for competent, professional counsel. Your uncanny ability to conduct frank and honest negotiations without driving the landlord away or selling short the interests of your client, coupled with a good sense of humor, makes you the best commercial real estate broker this firm has ever encountered. That is why we have been relying on you, exclusively, for over 20 years.

Please feel free to give my name as an enthusiastic reference for your ample skills and prolific work ethic.

William F. Murphy

Regarding: Multiple transactions over 25 years, including relocation from 353 Sacramento to 601 Montgomery Street


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