We know from decades of experience that Wall Street will never predict or promote a downturn in the stock market. Such a forecast would fly in the face of their objectives. So, why expect that sentiment to change? Consider the commercial office leasing marketplace – a trillion dollar economy. Do you expect the landlord community to predict a downturn? Right, no, of course not. So let’s ask tenants, “Why would landlord-serving brokers like JLL, CBRE, C&W, Colliers and Newmark foretell the bursting balloon?” If you’re concerned about paying too much for space, why ask such a firm to represent you, when you know (a) their job for landlords is to drive UP rental rates and curtail concessions to tenants; (b) they cannot possibly advocate aggressively for your interests since doing so flies in the face of their company’s job for landlords; and (c) virtually every landlord those brokers face in negotiations for you….are actually a prospective new client for them!

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