My law firm is three months into its amended lease, looking back on our recent experience evaluating office space in downtown San Francisco. In reflecting on the experience, we could not be more pleased with our decision to engage Dan Mihalovich as our broker and representative. Here are some of the reasons why:

  • The Space Place works only for tenants, so there was never the inherent conflict of interest that exists when landlord and tenant are facing off with representatives from the same commercial real estate firm.
  • Dan Mihalovich is a master of every detail of a prospective deal, and merges his passion for detail with a deep understanding of his clients’ needs, even as those needs change and evolve. We started out with a plan to move offices, and ended up with an unexpected, but excellent, amendment to the existing lease. The Space Place’s agility was a true asset in those circumstances.
  • Dan is a great negotiator—very tough, but always backed by sound reason, market metrics, and unimpeachable ethics. He is also personable and well connected in his field, giving him an extra measure of negotiating credibility and effectiveness.
  • Even though we needed only about 5,000 square feet, Dan never treated us as a “small” client. We got the time, attention, and intensity of focus that the largest commercial tenants would be lucky to get from their brokers.
  • The Space Place’s web site,, is beyond anything provided by the competition. All brokers’ sites provide charts, graphs and the most popular figures. takes that information and melds it with deeper economic analyses and comes out with practical, on-the-money tips for tenants. The site also is a home for in-depth articles by lawyers and accountants on special topics of interest to commercial tenants.
  • The Space Place’s approach is masterful and organized. They help clients zero in on their true space needs and not waste time on options that won’t deliver. They use a solid team of experts (architect, general contractor, furniture consultant) to further narrow the decisions and provide valuable input that affects negotiations.
  • Dan personally makes sure that the final, signed lease is faithful to the deal struck; he stays involved as the lawyers hammer out text, and his own meticulousness and passion for detail are a tremendous asset in this final phase.
  • Above all, having The Space Place in our corner was peace of mind. We could relax and practice our profession, knowing that our broker would be proactive; would stay on top of timelines, market factors, and deal details that affected us; and would not let us make any mistakes.

Thanks to Dan Mihalovich, our firm has a long-term commercial lease that we are really happy with. When the lease approaches its end, we will most definitely want to work with The Space Place on our next deal.


Phyllis A. Jewell



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