Q1 2019 | Newsletter

Deep Throat: Landscape has become precarious. The economy has now clearly slowed. We asked for an update from a local brainbox – a venture capitalist whose tenured company has more than 1B invested in public and private tech. We agreed not to disclose the VC’s name,...

Death by Office Lease: How to Avoid It

Office tenants, this is for you. And it’s personal. If you don’t have your act in order in this overheated, over-priced and treacherous office market, you’re going to jeopardize your business and future. As a 30-year veteran advising tenants in this territory, I also have a piece of advice to other tenant-rep brokers: Do your flipping job. Outside of the tech sector, which has entirely fueled the frenzied space-grabbing in the San Francisco area, non-venture-backed tenants have been compelled to sign leases north of $60/$70/$80 per square foot per year – absolutely unsustainable levels.





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