Q1 2019 | Newsletter

Deep Throat: Landscape has become precarious. The economy has now clearly slowed. We asked for an update from a local brainbox – a venture capitalist whose tenured company has more than 1B invested in public and private tech. We agreed not to disclose the VC’s name,...

Q4 2018 | Newsletter

4Q 2018 Top Leasing Transactions SAN FRANCISCO Tenant Address Sq Ft Salesforce 550 Howard 325,000 Google One Market Street 309,000 Google One Maritime Plaza 189,000 Door Dash 303 Second 160,000 iRhythm Tech. 650 Townsend 118,000 SAN MATEO COUNTY Tenant Address Sq Ft...

Death by Office Lease: How to Avoid It

Office tenants, this is for you. And it’s personal. If you don’t have your act in order in this overheated, over-priced and treacherous office market, you’re going to jeopardize your business and future. As a 30-year veteran advising tenants in this territory, I also have a piece of advice to other tenant-rep brokers: Do your flipping job. Outside of the tech sector, which has entirely fueled the frenzied space-grabbing in the San Francisco area, non-venture-backed tenants have been compelled to sign leases north of $60/$70/$80 per square foot per year – absolutely unsustainable levels.





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