Killing The “Vendors” Who Serve You

Streamlining the process vs. skipping steps: At the inception of every tenant–rep project, we help our clients to organize them, to assist with the selection of a Team to handle all aspects of their office leasing project, and to begin creating a strategy and budget to reflect that strategy. To this point, we’ve probably taken our client further than where 99% of tenant-rep brokers go. Tenants are oftentimes too fixated on the execution and outcome of the leasing process and, to the detriment of the transaction, take advice from inexperienced or maligned brokers all too happy to skip to the commission payment.

No Revenue? No problem.

Pre-revenue startups without the right insights often overpay landlords who would have accepted tenant-friendly terms. What to do: Use of a dependable metric won’t expose prospective financial trauma. An age-old litmus test for tenants’ ability...





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