Pegasus Capital Corporation is a privately held, international aircraft leasing, management and aviation services company headquartered in San Francisco, California. The company is primarily owned and managed by three very busy, creative and entrepreneurial individuals who hold diverse views on virtually every subject.

Dan was able to achieve unity among the three principals in their choice of new premises, in lease negotiations with both Embarcadero Center (our new landlord) and One Maritime Plaza (our former landlord), and in documenting our new, long-term lease.

We are delighted with our new premises, and most importantly, with the excellent business deal that Dan struck.

Dan Mihalovich is a very knowledgeable and effective real estate broker. He has impressed us with his integrity, intelligence, diligence and expertise in handling our account. He brings an acute sense of the client’s real estate needs to his brokering and he works tirelessly in seeing that those needs are met.

I heartily and unconditionally recommend Dan Mihalovich to you.

Carol L. Chase
Senior Vice President and General Counsel

Regarding: Relocation to Four Embarcadero Center

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