In September of 2002, I began a discussion with Dan Mihalovich about our firm, RDS Architects, and our need to expand and relocate. I have been practicing architecture for 28 years in various locations. We needed to relocate from a class B office building in which we occupied three floors. Our goal was to identify Class A building options, and select a new location to be ready to move on February 1, 2003, when our existing lease was expiring. This was a formidable task, as we were extremely busy with our workload, and the transition needed to happen seamlessly. Dan took the time to learn about our firm culture, space needs, and began to offer his expert advice in every aspect of the move that we were facing.

Dan quickly identified all options available to us in the area that we wanted to be in. He set up tours immediately, and we identified our list of preferences for buildings. Dan was there for us every day, negotiating skillfully, representing our interests until we made the decision to tender an offer on the building of our choice.

Once the offer was accepted by the building ownership, we moved quickly, with our tenant improvement plans and final lease negotiations. Dan followed up with these important steps as well; not only interested in “making the deal”, but just as importantly “making it happen” for his client. We moved into our beautiful new Class A space on February 1, 2003, and the transition was seamless.

Dan was there for us every day, every step along the way. He is a true professional, and extremely diligent in his approach to satisfying his clients needs. His associates are highly motivated and professional as well. We thank you, Dan for a job well done.

R. Don Spencer II, A.I.A.

Regarding: Relocation to 388 Market Street 

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