Dear Dan,

I can’t believe it’s been a year since we moved into our new digs! Our staff often note how refreshing it is to come to work in this bright, comfortable place. And we like our neighbors—all those art galleries—especially on the first Thursday of the month.

You helped us enormously, both in finding a place that met our needs and in dealing with our old landlord. For the first, we appreciated your ability to find a great variety of alternatives to explore in the location we preferred. You also anticipated the drop in the market in a way that helped us find the space we wanted at the best price. And as for dealing with our old landlord—the less said the better; we don’t need to reflect on how unreasonable he was. Thanks to you, we didn’t expand our offices in that mediocre building, but found a much better place at a substantially lower cost.

People who visit our space—both friends and clients—have commented on the quality of our offices, and how far we’ve come from our old site, even if it’s still near the same BART stop.

We do appreciate all the help and guidance you provided. We didn’t have to worry about things we didn’t understand. You took care of that—negotiations, build-out, services, etc. We just went ahead with our business expansion and ended up in a place that makes us feel great.

With warmest regards,
Saul Rockman, President
Rockman ET AL


Multiple transactions including relocations to 49 Geary, 595 Market, and 201 Mission

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