Over a period of nearly nine months, Dan patiently guided us on successive tours of both highrise and lowrise structures. As we narrowed the field to those buildings which we thought would be suitable for us, Dan worked easily and cooperatively with two other professional teams: FeeMunsonEbert, our architects, and CIC Contractors, Inc., our tenant improvement contractors, to identify two buildings which were our finalists—buildings where the location, views and floor plates appeared suitable and affordable. With economic models and analyses, Dan then guided the partnership through the present value of the square foot cost of both buildings to us over a ten-year period, as well as the virtues and liabilities of various term extension options and interim expansion options. After a deliberation period of nearly two months the partnership ultimately decided that our first choice was 600 Montgomery Street, The Pyramid.

…thanks to Dan’s willingness to cater to the informational needs of disparate partners, once we made the decision not to expand at our then sublease premises at 615 Battery Street, each step of the balance of the process was made unanimously by the partners.

Our satisfaction with the result and the ease of the entire process is attributable, in large part, to Dan’s intelligence and sensitivities. Especially in dealing with law firms, where no one person has the authority to act and where eccentricities and doubt are perceived as virtues, Dan excels. While I’m sure he would be a terrific broker for most clients, he is an extraordinarily terrific broker for lawyers: he understands the strength of their personalities, he understands the need to explore virtually every alternative and analyze every detail, and he understands the need to take every person and every personality seriously.

Robert S. Stein

Regarding: Relocation to Transamerica Pyramid; Subleased former premises at 615 Battery Street 

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