I am pleased to recommend Dan Mihalovich and his team at The Space Place to you. As Executive Director and General Counsel at The Bar Association of San Francisco (BASF) we used Dan’s expertise as a commercial broker to assist us in securing the appropriate space that we would need for the foreseeable future. Our needs were specific and we were very cost sensitive at a time when there was a tight leasing market.

Dan was eager to learn what our needs and priorities were and analyzed our options. He was sensitive to the fact we were a non-profit organization that had a limited budget but one that needed to be in the heart of the financial district to be available for our constituents. Dan enthusiastically and positively embraced the challenge and was diligently sought to show us and tell us about all the properties that could possibly serve our needs. He clearly pointed out the pluses and minuses of each property. He arranged for us to interview space planners, general contractors and furniture consultants, and helped us put together a top notch team.

Throughout the project, Dan acted as our advocate and worked tirelessly to secure the right place for us. He negotiated an amazing deal for us in a very tight market. Time and time again as issues arose, Dan proposed and secured solutions that would enable the prospective deal to go forward. We always felt Dan was our advocate and put our needs and interests ahead of striking a deal that wouldn’t reflect our best interests.

In addition, and importantly, Dan and his team are great to work with. Throughout the project, Dan was focused and positive. He never pressured us or made us feel hurried to make decisions. He obviously has tremendous background and knowledge of the San Francisco market and we always felt we were in great hands.

If you need an experienced, knowledgeable, enthusiastic, tireless broker who will put your needs and desires first – then Dan is your guy.


Martha Whetstone

Executive Director and General Counsel


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